NBC Bird and Pest Solutions – Live Predatory Response

NBC Bird and Pest Solutions – Live Predatory Response

What Are the Problems with Birds?

Damage to property by bird droppings and nest building – bird droppings are unsightly, unsanitary and corrosive, can cause damage to car paintwork; eat away masonry; block gutters, downpipes and plant.

Nests can also block gutters and down pipes, and potentially damage plant on rooftops such as air conditioning units by forming blockages.

Health and safety from droppings – Droppings have the potential to make walkways slippery, causing a health and safety hazard. There is also the potential spread of disease carried by some birds.

Health and safety from aggression – Nesting gulls in particular can become very territorial and highly aggressive to people in the vicinity of their nesting areas.

Problems increasing exponentially – Flocking together is a natural feature of bird behaviour.  Nesting birds will return year after year to the same site for breeding and so will their young!

How Does Live Predatory Response Work?

NBC use specially bred and trained hawks and falcons, handled by experienced bird controllers, to deter and disperse nuisance bird populations. It is not necessary for these natural predators to actually catch and kill their prey. But it is necessary to understand which predator is the most effective deterrent for each nuisance species – and here, size isn’t everything! Smaller birds, for example, will be more alarmed by the smaller and more agile male hawk than by the larger female.

Where there is a large-scale problem, a permanent predatory presence may be needed. In the urban environment, however, it is often sufficient to establish the predatory presence by flying the birds of prey daily for a time, then reducing gradually to a weekly programme of flights, randomly arranged to prevent habituation.  Our programmes are tailored to suit the problems experienced at your site.

How Much Does It Cost?

This depends on the scale of the problem. However, our clients find our services very cost effective especially when offset against saving the cost of the damage to buildings / property and in terms of health and safety.  Many of our clients benefit further from the positive PR from using nature to control nature.